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The Chronicles Of Narnia Exposed: Problems In The Land Of Narnia

Chronicles Of Narnia Exposed: Problems5 Star Rating
Chronicles Of Narnia Exposed Problems
"Chronicles Of Narnia Exposed: Problems" Is Another Excellent Child's Book By Teresa R. Wilson

You might want to get a copy of The Chronicles Of Narnia Exposed: Problems In The Land Of Narnia a splendid child's book. The children's book is 56 pages long. Check out these suggestions and you'll really like reading so much more. For more information on this book, click on our partners via the button on this site.

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Author: Teresa R. Wilson


Here could be the point of this book in one sentence: let"The Chronicles of Narnia"simply be stories and let Aslan simply be a talking lion -- instead of teaching that Aslan is a representation of Jesus. She at some point learned that she had been deceived and now shares what she learned with other people. He mentioned that"at first there wasn't even something Christian about them; that element pushed itself in of its own accord. Is such a mixture to turn out to be ignored or excused or dismissed as irrelevant IF you are determined to view Aslan as a representation of Jesus Christ? But IF someone points out the correlation with Biblical truths, it is equally important to reveal places exactly exactly where the stories do NOT line up with all the Word of God. Instead, Narnia is a teaching tool with Aslan as an instance of Jesus Christ."The problem is the truth that for quite a few Christians, Narnia is not just a set of fiction books about a talking lion. Why is it that Christians become so resistant once they are asked to do this easy evaluation for"The Chronicles of Narnia? You might not agree with her when you begin this book, but perhaps, by the time you finish it, you will be persuaded in the very least to assume about prayerfully what she has revealed. If you are not one of these people, you will almost certainly find this book upsetting - so you might find an extra book more suitable for you. The reality is that you will find as several correlations to pagan beliefs and rituals in Narnia as there are to Bible truths. Since Jesus is basically a historical figure for you, obviously nothing written here is applicable. Therefore, this book is written for Christians - and only for that category of Christians who are willing to think about the possibility that it could not be accurate to characterize Aslan as Jesus."If the character of Aslan was presented only as a lion inside a story, there might be no need for this book. For those of you who are not Christian, this book is really irrelevant since the entire point will be the reality that the character of Aslan should not be taught as a representation of Jesus. Although Aslan does several things that are verified by the Word of God, it is equally true that Aslan does many things which can be contrary to what the Word of God says that Jesus said and did. In fact, it is fascinating that some people apparently do not know that C. S. Lewis called it"pure moonshine"that he sat down to write"The Chronicles of Narnia"as a Christian allegory. Teresa Wilson examines each story in the Narnia Chronicles and exposes detail after detail of New Age philosophy and pagan rituals. She compares distinct passages from Narnia with passages from the Bible to show how irreconcilable they are. She explains the reason that it really is damaging to mix the images of Aslan with Jesus and that such a mixture creates confusion that opens doorways to deception. A Christian since she was 14, Teresa Wilson went through a time frame when she became a follower with the New Age movement."The Chronicles of Narnia"are superbly written stories of fiction that share some biblical truths, and it is certainly proper to point out the approaches that Narnia relates to Bible truths. It is her hope that you will most likely be willing to listen.


  • Format: Kindle eBook
  • No. Pages: 56

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