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The Keys To The Chronicles: Unlocking The Symbols Of C. S. Lewis's Narnia

Keys To The Chronicles Unlocking
ASIN: 0805440283

Broadman & Holman Publishers

Author: Marvin D. Hinten

Your kids will love Keys To The Chronicles: Unlocking - how to protect yourself at home and abroad. Written by Marvin D. Hinten and it was published sometime in 2005 by Broadman & Holman Publishers. The book is 117 pages long. For the best offer on a copy for this child's book or other products, click on the shopping cart button on this site.

Most readers from the C. S. Lewis's Chronicles of Narnia know that there is far far more there than meets the eye. Did Lewis make up the names, or do they have a deeper which means too? But where does the name Aslan come from? And do even Lewis's personal personal feelings about prunes show up in these books? What are other key Bible references in the Chronicles of Narnia? The Keys for the Chronicles will unlock the literary, linguistic, biographical, biblical, and mythological depth of Lewis's masterpiece. Certain story components have obvious duel meanings-a second layer below the surface-like the death and resurrection of Aslan the lion.


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