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Lucy's Adventure: The Search For Aslan (narnia)

Lucys Adventure The Search For Aslan


Author: Michael Flexer

Your child will love this fantastic book written by Michael Flexer. Written by Michael Flexer and it was published sometime in 2006 by HarperCollins. The children's book is 96 pages long. Let yourself get absorbed throughout this child's book. While you read, imagine this situation inside of your mind. We want you to get the best price and service when choosing a book.

At initial Lucy Pevensie is terribly sad when she is sent with her sister and brothers far away to the countryside to escape the dangers of wartime London. But when they arrive, one thing wonderful happens: A game of hide-and-seek turns into the adventure of a lifetime! In the magical land of Narnia, Lucy and her brothers and sister meet Aslan, the Wonderful Lion, who calls them to fulfill their destiny -- free Narnia from the evil White Witch!


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